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When a person loses their teeth, the body becomes exposed to many problems, the most important of which is the retraction of the jawbone, changing the features of the face and mouth, problems in the colon, and digestion. The most dangerous of which is heart disease that is caused by cysts. There are many reasons, including negligence, some diseases, and hereditary reasons; So the patient must perform the implantation process to replace the missing teeth in order to maintain jaw health.

Dental implants mainly depend on a specialist doctor’s examination after performing an x-ray, calculating the amount of bone, and knowing what the patient specifically wants to do, in order to determine the implant mechanism. Will it be an immediate implant? Or traditional implantation? or All-on-Four?

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Reasons to do Dental Implants

A patient who suffered tooth loss due to tooth decay may need Dental Implants to restore his or her smile. Teeth replacement surgery may need months while a patient may need Dental Implants treatment immediately.

Patients who had suffered partial or complete tooth loss due to various diseases (such as cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, etc.) may need Dental Implants as they recover from their disease and don’t have enough bone to support the new tooth.

The size and position of your mouth. Since dental implants are rooted in the gums, it is important that the implants will be able to slip into the jaw bone and fuse firmly. Before opting for Dental Implants surgery, you should consult your periodontist and orthodontists who can help you assess the size of your mouth

After the surgery of dental implantation is done, you should take care of the cleanliness of your teeth by brushing your teeth twice a day and not cracking nuts or hard objects in your teeth to preserve them for a lifetime period.

You should also visit the doctor at least once a year, to be sure that the implants are safe and the teeth are solid and durable.

There are some cases that must be considered in dental implants. People who have diabetes must perform a cumulative and normal blood sugar analysis before the operation; And people who have heart disease or pressure should take into account the type of anesthesia that will be used during the operation.

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