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Building a long relationship with our patients beyond their teeth problems, and providing the best care we can for the patient’s problem, has created a family-like culture that benefits both the patients and the professional team.

We make sure that you get the best for your needs. And won’t settle for anything less than what you expect from us.

You would love to stay with us for a long time because we will ensure that your dental needs will always be met. And most importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have found someone you can rely on.

Rest sure, you will have the natural and beautiful smile you deserve, and your teeth will be stronger and healthier.

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Esthetic Dentistry

High-tech dental practice with a comforting and professional approach with patients.


Dental Implants

If you suffered tooth loss due to tooth decay, you may need Dental Implants to restore your smile


Hollywood Smile

It is very easy to get a beautiful smile. The only hard part is to achieve that beautiful smile.


Dental Surgery

If you are considering getting treatment from a dentist, you need to be aware of what is dental surgery.

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Here are some numbers about our performance and the results of our patients throughout the years. For more questions please fill the form and you’ll quickly get a free consultation from Dr. Ahmet.

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Our dental practice offers comprehensive care and is located in Istanbul, Turkey

A bright, white smile is an asset to anyone, but it is even more important for someone who is self-conscious about their smile because it can greatly alter their social life.

“I wish I had gotten braces years ago,” said one patient. “It would have made me feel better about myself, and I would have felt more confident about going out and meeting new people.”

Patients love Dr. Ahmet Dental Clinic because the staff there knows them and genuinely wants to make them feel comfortable. “While here, patients feel free to discuss whatever concerns they may have regarding their smile, and we do listen to their concerns,”

“Dentists are trained to respond to patients’ needs, and are committed to providing a smile makeover that is free of pain and is as natural as possible.”


Brad Wilson
Dental surgery

I had a terrific encounter with Dr. Ahmet. I’m always very apprehensive about the dentist and that he really also did a fantastic job in helping me feel comfortable! Highly recommend these to anybody who has fear about a dental practitioner.

Trixie Payton
Full Dental Implants

I enjoyed the experience! Dr. Ahmet is quick, tender, and respectful. He always laughs at my jokes, and it can be significant also.

Kristin Yang
Cosmetic Dentistry

I have been coming back to Dr. Ahmet and his hygienist, for several years, and they’re absolutely excellent. You have to give them a go. You will not regret it.

Jane Scott
Dental surgery

Kind dentist. Dr. Ahmet is your very ideal. He’s quite patient and comprehension of my extreme anxiety about dental appointments. He consistently makes it pain-free and simple.

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